Last month I went to Cheekwood for the first time, which is a bit nuts considering I’ve lived in Nashville for over six years. After visiting there, I’m kind of kicking myself a bit because there were several exhibits in the past that I wanted to attend but didn’t make time for. Cheekwood is *lovely* and I’m so glad to have finally gone! I will definitely be going back and will probably just go ahead and get a membership, as you only have to go three times to break even.

The main exhibit was a series of bug statues, but I didn’t really care for those. Mostly because they were roped off and you weren’t allowed to touch them or climb on them. What’s the point then?!? (Only half joking to be honest.)

My favorite thing was a random installation by Patrick Dougherty called Little Bitty Pretty One. This particular one was supposed to be inspired by an Oast house. I love how windswept they look… sort of like if Andy Goldsworthy had meddled with primitive architecture. I looked up Dougherty’s other work and was really impressed by it and would like to see more some day if possible.

Cheekwood Patrick Dougherty



And right before we left, I found something I could climb on ;)

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