heading into the new year

Last year was a really great year. Hands down, one of the best I’ve had in quite some time. I got back to Muay Thai and competing finally after a long, frustrating road trying to rehab my knee after ACL surgery. I married the best damned partner I could have imagined for myself. After 6 years of teaching, I finally left the profession to pursue happier things. I won my second title belt for Muay Thai, then earned two silver medals with the US Team at the amateur world championships in Italy. I mean really, how much more could I have squeezed into that year? It was pretty amazing.

I haven’t stopped to set goals for 2014 or outline some massive plan for myself. Honestly? I haven’t felt like it was necessary. Things are going really well. After a few months of uncertainty in various realms of my life, I feel like I’m at last moving forward again in all directions.

I’m plugging away at my 101 in 1001 list (more on that later). I’m working harder each day on getting my businesses off the ground. I’m looking forward to a productive spring for the farm. My health is back in place as one of my main priorities. My friendships are solid and wonderful, as is my marriage. My family continues to grow a little bit more each year, whether that’s with furbabies or friends that become so close and trusted that I couldn’t imagine life without them.

If I was to pick a word to focus on for this year, it would simply be continue.

I just want more of what I’ve already been doing.

To keep pushing myself to be even better than before.
To keep building my family, my businesses, my heart, my life.

There’s always room for more of the good stuff.

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